Postcard shop Groeten Uit is located on a beautiful canal in the historical centre of Utrecht, which is in the heart of the Netherlands. We offer arguably the largest – and definitely the most diverse – collection of vintage postcards in the country. Antique postcards from almost every town in the Netherlands are for sale, as well as large amounts of cards from all over the world. Looking for a holiday card, or a nice souvenir from your trip to Utrecht? We have those too; anything goes.

The most diverse collection of vintage postcards in the Netherlands.

But, there’s a lot more than just postcards! We like ephemera: anything that is on paper, so the possibilities are endless. Our walls are filled with vintage photographs, prints and posters. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us: we’ll probably find something nice for you hidden away in a drawer. The shop’s collection holds all kinds of prints from any period or style. They range from very affordable yet decorative to rare collectibles and unique copies.

Buying and selling

In order to keep our stock up to par, we are always looking for new acquisitions. If you have any old photographs, postcards, prints or drawings lying around, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll probably like to see them and most likely we will do business.

If it’s not possible for you to come visit us, it’s no problem: you can contact us and tell us what you’re looking for. We can always send objects by mail.

Han and Hans

Groeten Uit opened its doors on June 10th 1993. Its owner, Han Ruyters, has been in the postcard business since long before then. Thanks to his experience, knowledge and passion he is well known by many collectors and traders in the scene. He runs the shop together with his employee Hans Ebbink, who is an art historian specialized in art criticism in The Netherlands, and the Utrecht art critic Jan Engelman in particular.


Numerous times a year we travel abroad to attend some of the largest postcard and collector’s fairs in Europe. We always carry  large amounts of very diverse items, depending on the event. These can be postcards, photographs, prints, etc.. The next international fair will be Festival of Cards in Shepton Mallet, February 24 and 25 2017.

We attend the largest collector’s fairs in Europe.

Also, almost every weekend we can be found at a postcard or general collector’s fair somewhere in the Netherlands. Here we offer our latest acquisitions and our postcards from the region. For the list of fairs we’re attending (in Dutch, but you’ll get it), look here: Beursagenda


Every year in June, Postcard shop Groeten Uit organizes the biggest postcard fair in the Netherlands: Megacarta. The event will take place for the 21st time on June 9th, 2018. At this anniversary show, around 100 national and international traders will make their appearance in Houten, resulting in an event with over 2 million postcards from every place you can imagine. This makes Megacarta a great event for serious collectors, but it’s a nice trip for many other people too. Chances are you will find pretty old images of your home town, or of any theme you might be interested in.

Saturday June 9th 2018 in Houten

Time: 10-16 hrs
Location: College de Heemlanden
De Slinger 48 in Houten (Utrecht). Navigate to: Kamillehof, Houten
100m from Houten train station (trains every 15 mins)
By car: A27 Exit Houten

Entrance fee: € 5
Early bird: €15 (Fr 15.30-19.30, Sat 8.00)

Info: Groeten Uit attn. Han Ruyters
T: 0031 30 2343343
M: 0031 6 52394610
E: [email protected]

If you are a trader and would like to book a stand at Megacarta 2018, please send us an e-mail.